I was told the other day that some of my motorcycle moves hadn't been documented here. Let me relate briefly the runs. First came the big scooter, my CF Moto 250cc. It is the only one that has the ability to make the trip on one tank of gas and I did the ride non-stop. Since I had so much practice with it the trip was a breeze. Next up came the original Honda Rebel we bought in 2008. It was set up perfectly for the trip but I had to make one stop for gas for it to get here. Linda and I stopped in Liberty, NY and had lunch at the local Burger King. Two for $10.00 Whopper meals made it worthwhile. Next up, at number three was the big Kawasaki 750. It just ate up the trip but also needed a gas stop in Liberty. The Whoopers called to us there too. Number four was my daughter's Honda Rebel. I didn't stop in Liberty to refuel and lived to regret it. Instead I pushed on for one hundred miles and put gas in at a Convenience Store near Stewart Airport without having lunch. I was aching when I got home for about a half hour. Lesson learned. This past Saturday I rode the last Interstate capable machine home, a 1991 Honda Nighthawk. You have to know I stopped in Liberty this time. Rest and Whoppers make any trip a cinch.

Now I have five bikes in the garage and only the 150cc scooter and 50cc mini motorcycle await. They will be brought here by minivan. Riding them home on surface streets would probably take at least six hours each.

Trips to Deposit are taking up a whole day each weekend as we move items from there to here. Linda has been piloting the minivan back each trip and running my back door to watch out for me on the motorcycles.

We are making slow headway setting the house up and things are looking better here all the time. My new bride has an excellent eye for decor and has this house looking quite spiffy. Even my dogs are getting used to the smaller surroundings and a spot in the yard will be fenced for them to roam freely. Cooler weather is coming and rides on the bikes will lessen but I can see them easier in the Winter now. The two car garage is attached and easily reached.