The weather has finally begun to cooperate and my fleet is shaking off the dust of a long Winter. I have had the opportunity to ride the big scooter to work twice in the last couple of weeks, happily. Both the 150cc scooter and the 50cc bike have made numerous runs into Town for groceries, Pharmacy visits and Take Out pickups. While these trips sound boring the opportunity to ride is always an event and the savings in fuel has long been documented in these entries.
This past Sunday was one of those morning rides that fell under the "Worst of times, Best of Times" category. My shift on Sunday mornings begins at four AM and it always entails riding in the dark. Whoever coined the expression, "It's always darkest before the dawn" was a consistent early morning traveler and knew his stuff. It always seems that the ride in to work is the darkest commuting I have ever done. The use of high beams for long stretches is a must. This particular morning was also plagued with dense fog. I kept my speed down and my attention on high alert for better than half the trip. The people I work with were asking me what I was thinking riding in those conditions. As always my answer is, "Saving Gas".
The trip home was the best of times. As the morning fog burned off a brilliant blue sky appeared and the sun warmed up the air. I enjoyed a peaceful ride and the sound of the engine was my musical accompaniment. As a first ride of the start of the Summer season I couldn't ask for better. I'm guessing this was just one of many more to come after the most dreary Winter in memory. Now we're riding!