After last weeks torture session I decided to get smart and start using my resources a little better, For years I've had cold weather gear for riding in uncomfortable temperatures. In the distant past I rode a motorcycle in cold down to ten degrees in less pain than last week. First up was to pull out my leather mittens. These gloves have proven themselves on the ski slopes of Whiteface Mountain at twenty below zero. Next was to unearth my riding boots. Sneakers may suffice on a scooter in the spring and summer but leave a lot to be desired when the mercury drops. Last was to dress in an extra layer. My fleece jacket fits under my leather jacket with some room to spare. Using those three pieces made riding this week a lot more tolerable. I'd love to say I plan on riding regularly into the teeth of winter but I won't. I finally got my car back and there's a lot to be said for heat.
The good news in this quickly arriving close to the season is that my big scooter is approaching 4,000 miles on its odometer and one more trip to work will put it over. I may even have to do another oil change on a cool day before its winter hibernation begins. The scooter seems to be quite happy and I look forward to a full season of rides beginning next spring. I am pretty determined to use the 50cc bike for short hops into town through the winter when the roads aren't slippery. Those trips will give me something to write about in the dark, dreary days of winter so keep checking in. I'll have more stories to spread,