Sara is finally coming home from the hospital today. The poor woman has been there for sixteen days having surgery, trying different painkillers and being prepared for hospice at home. I ache every time I see her lying in bed. She was so active before all this. Trim, fit and always in motion. Now she's thin, tired and had about enough. I can only hope we can keep her comfortable for the days ahead.

I was riding my scooters or motorcycle to the hospital to see her when I knew she wasn't coming home. Normally I would write about how the trip was so much more enjoyable, how I saved gas or how easy it was to park. Instead it felt like even the best ride was an exercise. I saved plenty of miles off the cars but the bikes were simply servants where usually they are partners in crime.

I found someone to help me replace the starter in the big scooter and it's starting better than ever. I even got a starter motor for the Kymco I bought to resell. It's turning over but not starting. I will look further into that when the spirit moves me. I have to mount tires on everything, do an oil change on the 50cc bike and take a damp cloth to the big scooter to clean off dust and dirt. Things to do but not much enthusiasm to get it done. I have a wife to take care of. That's my top priority right now.