Today was a fairly warm day and a good day for a ride. Sadly I didn't feel like burning gas joy riding and I had no reason to go anywhere. As a concession I started the Yamaha and listened to it roar from its barely muffled engine but left it where it was parked. Sometime this week I'll get it registered and then invent a reason to go into Town. I just ordered some parts to get it through inspection and to return the oil filtering system to some semblance of stock. Over the years parts have disappeared and, while the engine is in no danger, it will be nice to know that after the next oil change the bike will be ready to do some longer miles than just tooling up and down the road in front of the house. 
The next week or so will have unseasonably warm temperatures and the Chinese scooter will start bearing the brunt of commuter work. Gas prices are ridiculous on my budget and the chance to save $6.00 every day is just too tempting. Mostly I'm looking forward to getting back on a bike and with some luck and labor the little Yamaha will be my next long distance two wheeler. Tales will be forthcoming.