I know I promised to cut back on the weather reports but it's so nice today I just can't resist. Take a look at this picture


I put the two motorcycle types on the driveway in warm, brilliant sunshine. The 50cc bike on the right has been back and forth to town many times, the Honda on the left has been champing at the bit waiting to be used. The weather in the mornings has been bitter, a scant 32 degrees this day, unlike the 62 degrees at present. It's day will come. As I noted recently the Honda just fires up like it was just shut off. The Rebel has been built by Honda since 1985 and the design hasn't changed a bit. It's been refined over the years so it is almost indestructible. 
The Chinese 50cc bike on the right is also derived from an equally old engine, maybe older. This particular engine design was around when I was in grade school as a 50cc and 90cc engine. The Honda S-90cc was a revelation in its day, capable of speeds approaching 65 mph and as reliable as anything on two wheels, including BMWs of the time. The engine in the Chinese bike is a copy of an early Honda Cub engine which is being used around the world by millions of people.
Equally amusing is the fact that my big scooter, seen at the top of the page, is also a copy of a Honda introduced around 1985. The Honda Helix was renowned everywhere as the premier scooter in its day. Vespa, when they saw it in Italy, was shaken up when they realized how far ahead the Japanese were in scooter design and set to work updating their products.
So, in essence, I have three Honda designs in the stable. One original and two copies. While I'm sure the real Honda will last for many years on its own merits, the other two will require constant vigilance. Thank heavens for tools.