Happy Holidays everybody! I hope your holidays have been fruitful and enjoyable. Mine have. I'm sitting here listening to the soothing tick of a new cuckoo clock that Sara bought me. It's a real hanging weight, German made model and it's a beauty. The scooter and Cub clone sit in the garage with several inches of white stuff clogging up the driveway. Unlike last year this hasn't been a mild winter. Temperatures in the teens and twenties have kept my two wheeled fleet in dry dock and all I can do is drag out my snow thrower to make it possible to move the cars. 
I have to drag in this past season's score sheet to give an accurate count of how many times I rode two wheels to work. I'm guessing it was around 80 times or 2,800 commuting miles. I know that both Sara and I rode on "Ride to Work" Day in June so that was a fairly decent milestone. I'm hoping for a trouble free year of riding from Galileo, the big scooter, although it will need a new rear tire at the start of the season. It should prove an excellent form of transportation and source of material for ramblings here. 
I hope your New Years Eve is a good one and that 2013 makes you happy. I'm already glad. The Mayans were wrong so I'll get to ride some more.