Up until recently there were only two motorcycles in my garage. My 650 Kawasaki and a CR-60 Honda Mini-Crosser. The Mini only got used occasionally and my bike was used in the nice weather. Then my wife decided she wanted a scooter and we bought a Chinese 150cc model for her to use. It wasn't long before she tried the little Honda and decided she wanted her own bike and a Honda Rebel took up residence in the garage. Space got tight. This Spring I embarked on a clean up campaign and at least we could get the two motorcycles and the scooter out without having to move anything aside. 
On a beautiful Summer day I was looking at a Scooter blog and I spotted an ad for a firm I never heard of before. Naively I clicked on it and there was a picture of a Honda Cub style moped. Auto clutch, four speed foot shift and drum brakes. Most enticing was that they were very cheap. I pointed them out to my wife who decided they would be perfect for my two teenaged stepsons. We bought two. A week later I found myself doing  "some assembly required" and in no time the bikes were up and running. I say bikes because calling them mopeds would be an injustice. No pedals, electric start, kick start and they shift. Hardly the image of pedaling and "twist and go". So now we're a five street bike family, with a dirt bike on the side. My garage looks like a small motorcycle shop. It's a good thing I have the tools to pull it off.