That sounds mysterious doesn't it? No, I'm referring to the 250 Yamaha. There are so many things that don't add up on it that it confuses me and I keep shooting in the dark to see what happens. Lately it will start, run and I'll take it for a ride and then it will suddenly die. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it won't, which necessitates pushing it home. Today I'm checking to see if maybe I have a defective battery. I checked with my fancy voltmeter after the latest dying incident and I got a reading of about 11.5 volts. I let it charge for half an hour and it still only reads 11.9 volts. It should read about 12.5 so I'm suspicious. I let it continue to charge and will see in awhile if it's up there. If not I may spring for a new battery even though this is only a month old. Stay tuned.