If you were with us last time, I was waiting for scooter parts to be delivered to fix Wild Turkey damage. Sure enough the Post Office dropped off the needed parts to make the big scooter whole again. The good news was that the deflector replacement went like clockwork, the bad news was I broke the glass in the rear view mirror fighting to mount it. I ordered a new mirror-again-and repaired the scooter this past Wednesday when it arrived. Only this time I was much more careful and installed it cautiously. Now the scooter looks as good as new and is running like a charm.
I had to get a flu shot after the mirror fix and I wanted to do something different. Different as in taking the 50cc bike to Rite Aid in Hancock, the next town over. Getting there involves using Rt. 17, an Interstate Highway. Since it's a lightly traveled road in this region I was confident in the bikes ability to cope. I started out running at 45 mph with the little engine cranking along easily. Occasionally it would climb to 50 mph, obviously not even close to competitive since cars and trucks were passing quickly, but I expected that. I reached Hancock quite quickly though, and made a side trip I've always wanted to.
Hancock sits on the Delaware River, the border of New York with Pennsylvania. I rode across the bridge to PA and photographed the little bike in front of a "Welcome to Pennsylvania" sign. My little bike has now become an Interstate Touring Bike, imagine that. Nothing in my garage has crossed the border and it's funny that the smallest one has. I returned to New York, got my flu shot, dined at McDonald's and pointed the bike home. I had to face a stiff headwind and it acquitted itself well. As I rode along I noticed that the Fall Colors were quite prominent.

From this strategically placed Rest Stop it was only a mile to the next exit and the bike was humming along. Home was only a short ride from there and the end of the trip. It's been an interesting season with the little machine and it has just crossed 3,000 miles, a decent mile figure considering that the bike is generally a short haul machine. This ride added 35 miles to it's odometer.