Normally I write about using the scooters or the 50cc bike but hold on for something completely different. This morning was warmer weather than we've had in a while and I was in the mood for a different kind of ride. The Honda Rebel 250cc was gassed and ready so instead of the big scooter I pulled the Honda out of the garage. Despite their similar engine size the two machines are as different as night and day. The big scooter is like a Cadillac. Long, low, comfortable and steady. The Honda is more like a Mustang. It's quick, nimble, changes speed and direction quickly as opposed to the locomotive nature of the big scooter.
The first thing I noticed in the dark morning on my way to work was how much light the Honda threw down the road. Its headlight is very bright Halogen and with the use of the high beam I was better able to dodge bumps and holes in the highway than I can with the big scooter.The second thing is the difference between the engines in both sound and fury. The Honda roars and rumbles like a small version of the bigger bikes of this world. The scooter drones like a motor boat. You know what you're on when you're riding either.
It was a good deal of fun traveling on the Honda. It always reminds me of the adventures I had in my younger, more motorcycling oriented days. It is much easier to keep pace with traffic, not be so concerned with cars behind me and practice my clutch/shift skills. Plus it allowed the Honda to shake off some dust. A very good ride.