The last couple of weeks have seen more motorcycle riding than I have done in a while.Last weekend I took off to Kingston to do a Poker Run. It was during the heat wave and the only thing that helped was the breeze as I rode. The short story is that I didn't do a good job of reading maps before I set out and never made it to the start of the ride. No problem though. I rode on Route 32 into the Village of New Paltz, came back over the Mid Hudson Bridge into Poughkeepsie, and home, for a very nice seventy-two mile ride on my 250 Honda.
This past weekend I entered a Road Ride that started in Poughkeepsie to benefit Suicide Prevention. While the scenery was lovely the people around me were the very definition of unskilled riders. Imagine that you're riding a small engined Chinese scooter and the people in front of you are on jumbo Harley Davidsons and every time the road curves they slow down enough to make you hit the brakes. Even more annoying the ride suddenly broke up with some people turning right and others going straight to stop at a bar and grill. I followed the bar and grill crowd which wasn't in my plans. If they said something about it at the start I didn't hear it. So, disgusted, I rode home on some lovely roads enjoying every minute of the way.
We also drove down to Long Island to check on Mom last week. She is doing much better, becoming more mobile and getting in better spirits. My Sister Chris is with her now and seems to be motivating her to get out of the house. Hopefully improvements will continue and Mom will be better off for it. This Summer is getting better all the time.