One of the best things in life is to see heroism in every day events. As I've noted Linda has been stopped in her tracks by back trouble and awaits corrective surgery. In the last couple of weeks she has shaken off the ever present pain and begun to fight back. I started working at Kmart again, in Poughkeepsie, and am out of the house for a few hours twice a week. Lately when I get home a scrumptious lunch awaits and the kitchen has been straightened up. Linda got bored and decided to see how bad I let the kitchen get. In addition she has attacked other tasks outside working within her limits. Her Poole genes have risen up. The energy bursts have been short but it's good to see her mobile. An eight hour workday is out of the question but her spirits have lifted from moving again. Surgery can't come soon enough.

Last week I had a rather inglorious flop on the Honda Rebel in my own driveway. It was a simple stumble and drop and the bike scarcely suffered any damage. After picking it up it had no electrical power and I feared the worst. Luckily it was just the battery. It's nine years old and must have been frail despite being able to fire up the bike with no trouble. In a real stroke of luck I found an online seller that stocked the battery at a bargain price and it arrived two days later. After a short charge I installed it and the bike fired right up. Crisis averted.

The weather has been very cooperative and it's been easy to ride something to work. I even took the big Kawasaki one day. It was only idling on the low speed limit roads but it always makes me smile to feel its strength. Hopefully future news will be even better.