After an intense paperwork battle I got the Big Ruckus registered and had to take the final step in making it an honest citizen. Getting it inspected. Fortunately the person who does inspections here has reasonably flexible hours because he's also the man who owns the business. Also, the weather has been terrible with rain, cold or snow making travel on a scooter either an exercise in pain or danger anytime I had a free moment. This past Saturday Mother Nature relented a little and I got to take it in to be looked at. I still had to ride sixteen miles each way in temperatures that never got beyond the mid-thirties but at least the sun was shining.
The scooter passed with flying colors and it now sports a brand new inspection sticker on its left front fork for what seems to be the first time in its life. Of course with a project like this there's always something to report and on the way over to be inspected the speedometer stopped working. This morning I pulled out the speedometer cable, greased it up and tested the speedometer with an electric drill driving the cable. Fortunately the speedometer works, the bad news is that the drive unit on the front wheel is broken. It's not wildly expensive, just money I'd rather not spend, but will. Other than that the scooter rode and performed well. If the gas gauge is telling the truth it sips fuel and will be a friend to my wallet in these times of rising gas prices. The next step will be a longer ride after I get the speedometer fixed. Stay tuned.