Last week the weather was quite inhospitable so the two wheelers stayed parked in the garage while the car became the chief commuting machine. Yesterday was different with only slightly chilly temperatures but no precipitation in the forecast. For those of you who relish the thought of taking money out of the oil companies pocket I used the scooter to go to work and saved another $6.00. I've used it seven times this year as my Not-So-Rapid Transit System saving a modest $42 in the process. It's quite satisfying to think of it in that manner and makes even the most uncomfortable trips feel like a personal crusade. Not only am I saving the money but I'm using a truly inexpensive vehicle from a Country not known for reliable transport to do it. Since I sold the Kawasaki the scooter is becoming the mileage king in my garage. It passed 6,450 miles on the odometer yesterday and is rapidly closing in on the oldest bike in the garage, the 1981 Yamaha, which has a humble 6,500.
As the season warms up the scooter will see even more miles. I'm hoping to do 100 commutes on it this year which would put it over 10,000 miles by season's end. That would put it in some lofty company among the Chinese scooter community. Joining the 10,000 mile club will, hopefully, not be the only amazing thing it does.