After a glorious Honeymoon it was time to get back to real life. On the Monday after the vacation I had to kiss my Bride goodbye early in the morning as she drove off to work. My task at that point was to retrieve the dogs from the kennel where they boarded for the week. The tail wagging and panting was about as intense as I've ever seen and the race from the car to the front door rivaled the Kentucky Derby. The relief on their faces to be home again was palpable.
After a "Normal" week of living we set out on Saturday to remove more items from the Deposit house. In addition to important papers, a shelf and boxes of linens I rode the big Kawasaki to its new home. We made much better time than we had with the smaller bikes. The Kawasaki has much more power and can cruise at greater speeds than its little brothers. It still gets fifty miles per gallon or more depending on how hard I push it. With the windshield blocking the wind it is fairly comfortable on long stretches. I bought it to do long trips and it showed it was up for it.
Now we're spending our time getting even more settled in. Pictures are being hung, new curtains put in windows and knickknacks placed on shelves. It's beginning to look almost normal here. Much left to do but we're moving slowly in "Normal's" direction.