After spending a great deal of money, having to submit forms to the Vermont DMV and receiving a Vermont registration for the little Yamaha, it's plated in New York. Now begins the long wait to see what havoc the New York Title Bureau wreaks. In addition to having a proper plate I also took the bike down to my local inspection station and it passed. Going there submitted the little thing to its longest ever trip. It went 32 miles from here to Hancock and back. Two things to note. First, this is not a rocket ship. It will cruise between 50 and 55 mph quite handily but anything more would probably have it throwing the inside of the engine all over the road. Second, I have to get a better muffler for it. In the language of the sport the muffler is an "Ear Bleeder". It took me several minutes after I got home to fully hear again. While I've noted its raucous sound before, being on it for twenty minutes straight in both directions practically drilled holes in my ear drums. A better muffler is now at the top of the list.
The scooter finally got back into the commuting realm again. We had two straight days of nice weather this week and I was able to put another seventy miles on it instead of the car. I have a chart hanging in the garage and this makes fifteen times it's done a round trip to work, totaling 525 miles. At a savings of $6.00 a trip I'm approaching $100 saved so far this year. Taking into account this year and last alone I'll probably save the price of the scooter in gas money.
I've already tucked the Yamaha away for the night so I don't have a picture with the inspection sticker attached. Next time I'll have a picture with it for sure.