A lot has happened since the last time I was here so let's catch up. First and foremost my Mom, Doris, passed away. She was 92 and spent a lot of time on this Earth partying, making friends,working and taking care of Dad. After he passed away a year ago her spirit seemed to sag and a few months ago she became forgetful and suffering from ill health. After spending a few weeks in a Nursing facility her symptoms worsened and she slipped away. Someplace she and Dad are dancing, toasting and singing their favorite songs.
I have been enjoying the company of fellow motorcyclists lately and spending time talking about our favorite sport. This past Sunday there was supposed to be a big group ride starting from Saugerties going through the Catskills with a stop for lunch at Goatie Whites in Fleischmanns, NY. Everyone was revved up for it but the weather didn't cooperate. The rains canceled the ride. One of the organizers went on Facebook and invited everyone to meet at the restaurant for lunch. Thirteen people showed up, enjoyed the food and conversation and can't wait until we can actually ride there.
Last night Linda and I went to Port Ewen near Kingston to see a Bike Night at a nice little Ice Cream and Food restaurant called the Frozen Rainbow. About forty bikes showed up and people from Woodstock Harley Davidson set up a table selling T-shirts and other goods. The weather was excellent and Linda and I enjoyed watching the proceedings and the food they served there. Maybe next week I'll go by bike to be a part of the show.
Just to ice the cake I dragged, literally, the big Kawasaki out and took it for a spin today. It is a heavy bike to move around but once in motion it's an impressive machine. The local roads are quite alluring and my short ride turned into a twenty-three mile trip before I knew it. If the weather keeps on cooperating August should be a great riding month. Stay tuned for future reports and videos.