There are some seasons that just overstay their welcome and Winter is all of them. After the lovely weekend a week ago I was really sure that Spring had arrived. No such luck. After a couple of warm days we were back to snow, cold and cloudy weather. Yesterday the forecast was for 37 degrees and it never got above 32. Today is much the same with a high of 30 in the forecast and an actual high of 28 to this point. Too cold to even think about riding so my cars are getting a workout. 
I've been in the garage a few times in the last few days and the most I can do is wave to the bikes. As the price of gas has hovered near four dollars a gallon I was hoping to start using the big scooter to go to work. No such luck. The extended weather forecast calls for more light snow, some rain and temps in the thirties until next weekend. I'm hoping that will be the start of some seasonal conditions. This cold, with single digit wind chills, has to stop.