I have a new plaything to fool around with as the Big Ruckus collects dust. The '81 250 Yamaha has been a sort of guilty pleasure that I start and ride periodically. It's much peppier than the scooter and the new muffler I bought for it is pretty loud so you feel like you're flying even though you're doing 55 mph. The most satisfying aspect of it is that, once again, I've raised a vehicle from a prolonged sleep and turned it into a useful machine. 
Of course it's not all peaches and cream. It has stalled out twice away from home and made me walk it back over a hill making me strain and sweat in the process. For some reason it's spark plug has failed both times and after a plug change it fires right up again. I have to take it out close to home for an extended period and see what it does staying away from the hill in case I have to push it again. 
If I can conquer the paperwork aspect of it again it should be an able machine to beat the price of gasoline. They were supposed to get 70 mpg in their day and I would be able to use it for work too.
The Chinese scooter has been my main ride this summer and has had close to 1700 miles piled on it thus far. I just had it inspected and it's gone 2,000 miles since last inspection. Say what you will but it's been a work horse and saved me a great deal of money on gas. My car has spent a good amount of time sitting and having it's tank filled every other week as opposed to weekly, or sooner, fill ups. With any luck I'll still be riding until late October and we'll have a mild winter so
  I can use it into November.