As I noted in my last post I was getting back on the bicycle again in preparation for a local event. Twenty years ago I used to ride regularly with the Massapequa Park Bicycle Club. The move to Deposit and a change in life style ended that but my bike has been sitting in a corner mocking me since then. Lately I've been riding every day that I can on a route around the neighborhood. It has a breathtaking down hill run followed by a tedious climb of about sixty vertical feet on each lap. Doing this has had a beneficial effect on my health and I have lost about twelve pounds in the last month and a half in addition to a feeling of better energy.
My motorcycle rides have been short but sweet lately and have mostly been, of all places, to Church on Saturday night. All the vehicles have been functioning well and raring to go on a longer trip. I have been eying several Motorcycle Events in the area and hopefully will be able to attend a couple before the summer is out. Riding has been easier on the motorcycles as my balance on the bicycle has improved, or at least seems so.
On the family front, my Mom experienced a fall a few weeks ago and has been in Physical Therapy to help her recover. She is pretty peeved about since she went through a similar event a year ago and didn't like the routine towards recovery much then either. She is still pretty sharp and while her body has aged her mind is still clear. She's doing the PT but not happy about it. Once she's up and running we'll get her out and moving in the world again. Having Dad gone has let the wind out of her sails but she likes people and that should get her out of the house.