We are in the grip of a Polar Vortex and it's pretty cold out there. I saw about five below during the night without the wind chill. My dogs are not happy about the combination of cold and snow on the ground but go out anyway. We even have a water pipe that freezes and we lose cold water in the kitchen. This will end in a couple of days, thank heavens, but it's not a lot of fun while it's here.
We have been down to Long Island twice in the last month to visit the Parents. Mom fell bringing in the garbage and banged up her hand. She needed help with day to day tasks and someone has been there helping out since it happened. Linda and I drove down the day after she fell and covered for three days until my sister, Chris, from North Carolina could come up to take over. Chris began to catch up with the cleaning and feeding in addition to getting them to various doctor appointments. Dad is wearing out at ninety-two years of age and Mom has been taking care of him. Given that she is not far behind him in years this injury has put a crimp in her abilities. After Chris departs my brother Rob will fill in and hopefully we will have a handle on what's needed to maintain their lifestyle by then. Old age is cruel beast.
Beyond that we are all waiting for Spring. We have had three notable snow storms so far and clearing the driveway and walk is a chore. Fortunately I have a good snow blower but the walk needs to be shoveled by hand. Winter still has two months to go so I'm sure we will be shoveling again. Spring can't come soon enough.