Now that the nice weather is here my fleet of two wheelers is getting out more. Even as we speak it's almost fifty-five degrees and the sun is shining in spots. The only stumbling block to even more riding is that morning temperatures are still in the thirty degrees range. If the sun is out that might be tolerable, but in the dark when I’m leaving for work it feels much colder. Hence, we drive the car.

I recently installed a new front tire on Galileo, the big scooter, and it’s ready to rock. Its other recent maintenance has included a new back tire, a new drive belt and a replacement battery. I have it had it out for a couple of short grocery runs and it is set up for more. I’m hoping to attend a few motorcycle events this year and commute as much as possible to work. The scooter is running soundly and should fare well.

The other two Chinese bikes are also behaving quite nicely. Rocket, my 50cc wonder bike, continues to amaze me with its energy. The tiny motorcycle cruises along at 40 mph and is running stronger all the time. The senior citizen of the fleet, my 150cc Chinese scooter is slowly approaching 9,000 miles and should surpass that mark in the coming months. It sat all winter and started at the first push of the button when Spring rolled around. Both of these two bikes will need new rear tires soon and the replacements are sitting in my garage waiting to be installed.

Today the temperature outside is slated to hit seventy. My only quandary will be which bike to ride to pick up groceries. I am so glad to see Winter fading in my rear view mirror. It’s time to ride.