Right after I posted my last entry Linda and I got tremor causing news. My ninety plus year old parents had been dancing their customory Lindy (a dance from the Dark Ages) for their Senior Group at a Long Island restaurant. In short, they tangled feet and Mom went crashing to the floor, breaking her hip. We rushed down the next morning for the surgery to repair her joint and arrived right after its completion. She survived the surgery and was sent to a rehab facility three days later.
Of course that wasn't the end of the drama. After finally arriving home from rehab a heating pipe burst in the Parental house. Levitt houses are built on concrete slabs with their heat pipes embedded in the foundation. Time, settling and corrosion eat at the pipes causing leaks. Knowing that the pipes would only continue to deteriorate they opted for a conversion to baseboard heat. We spent last Saturday moving furniture away from the walls, packing items off the shelves into boxes and moving other things off the path of the impending construction.
All this and our ongoing trips back to Deposit, NY to check on the house I'm trying to divest myself of. We mowed the lawn, clipped weeds and removed the last of household items. These trips have put numerous miles on the cars and us. Five hundred mile weekends have been the norm and when we're not doing that tasks around the house have kept us busy.
Hopefully things will settle down and we get a chance to just sit. Of course if last night was any indication we may yet have things to do. Poor Linda went into the dish cabinet seeking cups for ice cream when a plastic shelf bracket broke. An avalanche of cups, dishes and bowls tumbled around her with some exploding dramatically on the counter and floors. To add to the confusion, the dogs rushed in to see what the noise was risking stepping on broken shards of glass. We herded them away and cleaned up the mess. A repair is forthcoming that will prevent such calamities in the future.
I will make efforts to be more regular here unless further adventures ensue. See you soon.