I know it's been a while since I was last here but life has gotten in the way. I have ridden a few times but my two wheeled fleet has been pretty idle. Linda is battling a few health issues and we have seen several doctors as a result. I have not been faithful to his blog as a result. We're hoping for some relief and resolution soon. 

We have been burning up miles in the minivan fiercely lately. We commute back to Deposit to do yard work and to spruce up the place in hopes of finding a buyer. As a result we carry weed whacker, chain saw and other tools which fit in the minivan handily. Besides that it's pretty comfortable and giving us good fuel mileage. One of the assists that has made life easier is my stepson Phil doing mowing on one of the lawn tractors. Especially in this prime time of grass growing. He has also helped with any heavy lifting I might have to do.

Beyond that I have only been out a few times on the bikes. Last night I finally dragged out the big Kawasaki for the first time this year. I bought ice cream. Hopefully more writing will come.