As many of you know Linda and I are eventually moving to Hyde Park, just north of Poughkeepsie. I've bought three houses before this, in my life, but this purchase has been troublesome. We found a house in Poughkeepsie but the hidden problems found during the Home Inspection were too numerous to ignore. Another house was pulled off the market after our offer was accepted and this last house looks like it will happen but the paperwork has been overwhelming. Since the Crash of 2008 banks have tightened up on Mortgages so we have been bombarded with requests for documentation and proof of funds.
Added to that, this house requires a new heating oil tank. The owners have had to jump through hoops with the Town of Hyde Park for permits to have the tank swapped. All that poisonous fuel oil represents a threat. Linda is facing a deadline to vacate her apartment since it's been rented out to a new tenant. We have been investigating moving and storage companies since it looks like the closing will be after her "Vacate Date". Fortunately she has a son near her job to live with until we can move in and place all her worldly possessions in the house.
In the meantime I'm digging things out of drawers, closets and rooms to either purge or save here in this house. It's amazing what you can accumulate in fifteen years of living. Hopefully this trial will be over soon and we can concentrate solely on the upcoming wedding. Living together might prove boring in comparison to the whirlwind we're going through now.At least I hope so.