One task I have to perform at the beginning of each riding season is checking the clearances of the valves on the scooter. If you've never had the honor of doing this task, you're lucky. Because Chinese scooters are coated in plastic panels it takes a good half hour to forty minutes to remove the battery and all the requisite panels to uncover the engine. Then there are vacuum and breather hoses, nuts and bolts and finally the valve cover to reveal the rocker arms and valves. You feel like Indiana Jones uncovering the Holy Grail by the time you've reached your goal. Of course I didn't mention that even though I was working inside the garage the temperature was hovering in the high eighties and even taking time to stop and drink wasn't enough to stave off discomfort.
Plus both valves needed to be adjusted and I stripped a valve cover bolt which meant finding a larger bolt and tap to repair it.In the end a three hour job took close to five hours and the heat and effort left me worn out. The reward for this was that the scooter is purring like a kitten and I know it's secure in its valve clearances for another 1500 or so miles. At least until the start of next season, unless I put more miles on it this year than I think I will.
It would be nice to think that I'm done for awhile, but an oil change is imminent and a rear tire is awaiting installation. That's not to mention the oil change I have to do on the Kawasaki. Good thing I have a nice set of tools.