The warm weather has finally landed here and we're seeing eighty degrees now and then, in between the rain storms. We've entered that time of year when we get rain, sun and mow, generally in that order. The rain has curbed my big scooter commutes but hasn't dimmed my grocery runs on the little 50cc bike. It seems Mother Nature has deemed afternoons as prime time for storms or about the time I'd be commuting home. As they say, "Better days ahead."
The price of gasoline has been my major source of amusement these days. Lately it seems to drop a few cents for a week or two and then climbs right back to where it was. The rises seem to occur around times when America will be traveling while the price drops seem to occur during the lulls. This latest rise is happening during the "College Kids come home"/Memorial Day movement. I expect we'll see a small drop again around Fathers Day (who travels then?) with a following increase during the Fourth of July period.
Since my two wheeled vehicles all get fabulous mileage it will only sting a little.