The weather report this morning was for significant snow and the Doppler radar picture was equally as bleak yet nothing had fallen. I thought to myself, "The temperature is at thirty-one, a little cold but nothing is coming down and I need groceries. Do I dare?" I dared.
I put on my winter coat, pulled the zipper all the way to the top sealing my neck and strode out the back door. My faithful 50cc bike, Rocket, was gassed and ready to go and off we went. There were two things I should have remembered before I left. One, nylon mesh sneakers are not the hot ticket for riding at thirty-one degrees and Two, the wind chill at forty miles per hour is below zero. I should have taken the car. The chill doesn't so much rip through your clothes at that speed as ooze like water. You feel it creeping onto your skin like water leaking into your shirt in the rain.
The good part was that I was riding in the face of an impending snow storm and loving it. Rocket was humming, the scenery was rolling by in a blur and I was out there enjoying life. I have to tell you though. It was pretty gray and bleak at that hour. I even had to turn on Rocket's headlight, more to make others aware of my presence than to see. I got to see the lights in the speedometer so it was dim enough.
I had to back track a couple of times for goods I forgot so I was out for more than a few minutes. No problem. Once you're cold the worst is about over and, like swimming in a pool, you get used to it. The best part was I got to roll on two wheels before the storm. There's now an inch of snow on my driveway and I won't be venturing out for a while. If my season had to come to a close this was a good way to end it. A good ride, the feeling of adventure and beating Winter to the punch. Not a bad deal.