This past Saturday the final scene in the saying goodbye to Sara took place. My niece Ginny came down from Albany and helped collect Sara's clothes to donate. It was a strange feeling seeing Sara's clothes being bagged up. Many of the clothes were just day to day items and her few dresses were used often for Weddings and other dress-up events. We took care of as many of the items on top of her dresser too that we could distribute to other relatives. The only item that clutched my heart a little was a T shirt we found that was a copy of the one she was wearing when she passed. It stayed on her when she was taken out of the house since she was being cremated and it had been cut to allow ease of removal and placement.

After the clothes were taken care of we walked down to the local cemetery where she had taken walks with the dogs. Sara had desired that this should be where her ashes should be scattered and we honored her wishes. It was a sad event but we are all happy to have been a part of her life. God Speed Sweetie.

On the motorcycle side I have been reminded why I had parted with my last motorcycle with so little regret. This new bike is heavy! Getting it out of the garage is an Olympic event. It requires much more effort to move than any of the scooters and certainly a great deal more than moving the Honda Rebel.

I'm hoping that I didn't bite off more than I can handle for the future. I have already had to have my Son help me a few times when I placed it in a position that I couldn't move it from myself. Next Spring will be the acid test of usability. I'm hoping we're compatible.