It's been a busy time with my two wheeled fleet and just in time. Gas here has climbed to over $4.10 a gallon for regular and filling the minivan practically requires a loan from the bank. The scooter gets filled from a five gallon can with about four gallons in it and it lasts about three hundred miles. I'm lucky to go about 80 miles with the minivan with that amount so the use of the scooter has been a bonus. I was able to ride both the little Yamaha and the scooter for trips into Town yesterday . After a recent bout of stalling with the Yamaha I reexamined the way I used it. The poor carburetor on it was horribly clogged when I got it and I cleaned it as best as I could. The few successful trips I did with it were with the choke turned on. Lately I've been using partial choke and it's been stalling. I was sure before this that the problem was electrical but now I'm not so sure. I'll have to run more carburetor cleaner through it to see if can beat the problem. It's possible that something is getting intermittently clogged and stalling the engine. A little Seafoam might alleviate the trouble. Running with the choke on does terrible things to fuel mileage. The first tank of gas only netted me about 41 mpg. That's not bad for a car but it's not good for a 250cc motorcycle. My wife gets about 67 mpg with her 250 so I have a little work to do. In the meantime I'm getting closer to the "Mystery of the Motorcycle" and it should be a contributing member of the fuel conservation fleet in short order. Yesterday it made it all the way into Town and back without a hiccup.
The scooter has been the work horse for errands and commuting. It's been to Town countless times since the beginning of the year. With the weather now warming up it will become my main vehicle on a daily basis. Something that most people can't envision for a Chinese scooter. The next couple of days promise to be even warmer and my Two Wheelers should be getting a workout. Now we're getting out on the highway.