It has been many years since I rode in an organized motorcycle event and recently I did a good one. We had seen signs around the area advertising a charity motorcycle event in Poughkeepsie and I had decided I would do it. That meant going through the list of likely bikes I would have available and deciding which one to ride. My most likely candidate was the 250cc Nighthawk. I have been using it a lot lately and have gotten quite comfortable on it. I knew it would be at a disadvantage in terms of speed relative to bikes four or five times its engine size but working the transmission should even things out. I considered the big scooter briefly but I knew if the going got hilly it might hold people up. It's heavy, underpowered and not great on hills. Last was the big Kawasaki. It has all the power I would need to be inconspicuous but it is heavy. I was afraid in stop and go running it might be more than I could handle and end upon the ground. I took the Nighthawk.
I was absolultely amazed at how many bikes were at the event. Even the organizers seemed impressed at the number of participants. Here is one view of field. 

As you can see many of the bikes were Harley Davidson style cruising bikes and my Honda was dwarfed by the other bikes. We were finally sent off after several speeches and just from my perspective it was a fairly impressive sight. As far as I coud see forward, and behind in my rear view mirrors, motorcycles stretched off into the distance. Being on the ride was pretty challenging. With my tiny engine I spent the day upshifting and downshifting in an attempt to maintain my position in traffic with other bigger engines. The scenery was lush and green and the roads were curvy. I was working my brakes and leaning into corners at a brisk but not unreasonable pace. People were running out of their houses with children in hand to see the thundering herd of motorcycles. I'm sure a lot of pictures were taken.
All too soon we were back at the start and a barbecue awaited us. I had something to eat and wrapped a hamburger in a napkin to take home to Linda. It was a great day.
On another front I'm pleased to report that Linda is doing better. Lately she has been driving again and couponing the local supermarkets into submission. We still have an appointment with an orthopedist and hopefully he can give us some insight into why her sciatic nerve goes up in flames. For the moment she is improving and mercifully her condition hasn't lingered as long as it did last year. The Force is with her.
Between the ten mile group bicycle ride in August and this pasts motorcycle event the summer has been quite memorable. I'm hoping the Fall is equally as impressive.