We needed some things from the grocery store today and it wasn't enough to warrant using the car. Solution: use the scooter. I wouldn't let a little thing like 34 degrees stop me or that the scooter hasn't been moved in over a week. What I did discover is that 20W-50 oil really puts a drag on the engine so when I went to start it the motor spun very slowly. Even still it fired up and off we went. The sun shimmered on the recently fallen snow adding a holiday festivity to the ride. I was bundled up fairly well so the wind chill wasn't that bad although I still wished for another 10 degrees in the air. I've taken to putting my knees together behind the leg shields which keeps my lower body out of the blast and makes for warmer running. 
The tip was, sadly, over before I knew it and only leaves me wishing for spring and more opportunities to ride. What I will be doing is using the scooter as much as I can this winter to keep the cars parked and not burning gas. If the riding doesn't make me feel better in the battle against cabin fever, saving money will.