My next door neighbor has a pair of ear rings that are cursed. They're in the shape of snow flakes and as soon as she brings them out the Winter becomes brutal. Usually she just threatens her daughters with wearing them but this year she caused the Polar Vortex to descend on the entire nation by posting a picture of them on Facebook. The weather was taking a small turn for the better, when this week she posted the picture again and we had freezing temperatures and another snowstorm. She has decided to end Winter for us and packed them away in a spell proof case for the season so today we finally had temperatures in the upper forties since before Christmas.
That being the case you just had to know I would fire up Rocket, my 50cc bike, for another run to the grocery store. It was the first time in months that I ventured out with lightweight leather gloves and no scarf. Rocket was more than ready and the trip to the store seemed to take even less time than usual. It might have been the warmer temps and no headwind but I'm more inclined to think it was feeling the nice weather. The only blemish on the whole adventure was the sand and cinders remaining on the road, especially the corners. I always find it mystifying that the worst piles of sand and debris settle in the one place you need the most traction. Riders falling in corners on sand and gravel is a common tale but luckily I seem to have avoided the trap.
I had to visit three locations in my travels and Rocket was totally unfazed by the whole trip. In fact it seemed ready for longer. Easy Big Fella, there's a lot of Spring left.