I have been waiting for this weather for weeks. It's 67 degrees outside and my fleet of bikes have been waiting patiently for the weather to change. I was out briefly yesterday on the small scooter for a short shopping trip and it felt marvelous. Today was even better.
The Dodge minivan needed a headlight bulb changed and we fortunately have a NAPA nearby. After following the instructions on how to remove it on Youtube I hopped on the scooter and scurried into Pleasant Valley to buy a replacement. Twelve dollars later I was on my way to the local Acme supermarket to get something for dinner. The trip back home with supper and the bulb went too quickly so I resolved that after the bulb was installed I would drag another motorcycle out for a ride.
First there were tasks to perform in the house. Dishes were rinsed and put in the dishwasher, dogs were fed and let loose in the yard and laundry was started so Linda would have her pick of clean work clothes. Then I had lunch.
What better thing for an excuse to ride is a short run to McDonald's for a soda. With beverage dispensing machines in many fast food emporiums a small drink can become a multi use cup in no time. I was good and had a Diet Coke while taking in the sights outside the window.
After finishing my soda I jumped on the Honda and reveled in the muted roar from the engine. I just love to ride it. Too soon the Honda was parked in the garage and the ride was over. As long as the weather holds up more rides will come.