The temperature outside today finally moved away from zero to the mid-thirties and the sun made an appearance. I had to ride. There was a grocery list waiting so I even had a reason to go and not just joyride. The 50cc bike cooperated fully and fired up on about the third kick. I had to put some air in the back tire and with the choke secured the little bike just sat and held a nice, steady idle as I finished that task. It was time to go!
My driveway is covered in hard pack snow and traversing it was like riding on loose dirt but the bike and I rolled successfully onto the highway headed for more adventure. The bike ran like it had never been left to sleep for all these weeks. It hit forty miles an hour in no time and I was grinning pretty solidly inside my helmet. The side roads are still messy so I stuck to the State road which was clear and only slightly wet in spots. The supermarket parking lot came along too soon. The smiles from people in it made the day seem just a slight bit warmer.
After making a few purchases there a trip to Family Dollar was in order. At this point the bike was totally warmed up and ran smoothly through the Village streets, shifting like butter. We arrived there in scant minutes and bought the rest of the items on my list.
Going home I took Route 8 again and the bike scarcely noticed the increased load. These are the times when I feel more like I'm on a motorcycle than on a moped with gears. The bike just ate up the few miles home and it seemed like I was there in a minute rather than the five it really takes. The driveway was just as much fun coming in as it was leaving and I managed to stay upright to the garage door.
The next few days will be warm with showers followed by more cold. I'm satisfied for now but still itching to do a longer run. It's officially only a month until Spring and it better be good. I've been cooped up long enough and want to get out on the bikes more. Come on Summer!