I had the chance to ride the Chinese scooter to work yesterday and it was a great ride. Of course December is coming and I'm no hero so I'll be using the vehicle with heat pretty soon. It was gratifying to note that at the end of the ride the scooter had 6,072 miles giving me my official 2500 riding miles this season, just on the scooter.That number is acknowledged to be the average number of miles motorcyclists ride in a year. When you take into account the miles I put on the ill-fated Big Ruckus, my Kawasaki before I sold it, the two 50cc mopeds and the wife's Honda Rebel it comes in closer to 3,500 miles this season, my most in quite awhile. Few of those trips were joy rides so the saving in gas was considerable. It was really gratifying to be able to help the family finances by dipping into the bank account at a lighter rate in comparison to the money needed to keep the minivan moving. 
I'm hopeful I can use the scooter for more grocery trips, bank runs and odysseys to the auto parts store during the coming months. At the present price of gasoline each two wheeled trip saves us money.