When I get to October and the first cold weather settles in (it's 45 degrees out right now) I have to look at my equipment and see what it needs over the Winter to be ready to rumble when the warmer weather comes. Oh say, about the middle of May. The motorcycle is pretty much set, although it really could use a new set of spark plugs. The scooter, on the other hand, once again requires my attention over the snowy months. 
Sometime during June it started to leak oil. Not just a minor leak, mind you, but a good solid, splash on the floor and the underside of the scooter everytime it ran. I took off the valve cover at one point and replaced the cover gasket but that didn't help at all. I'm figuring that the base gasket is dribbling from crankcase pressure and pouring it out the bottom of the cylinder barrel. My first attack will be to retorque the cylinder head and hope it squashes down the gasket enough to make it stop, or at least slow down. Failing that I'll have to pull off the fan shroud (air from a fan circulates around the head and cylinder to cool it) and see if I can find the leak. I'll take measures from there to seal it.
They say that Chinese scooters are a process. I see what they mean.