I stupidly fell on a slippery plank last week and broke a bone in my hand. I know, it could have been worse but wearing a splint and not being able to ride is like a punishment. The Honda scooter finally found its way to the local garage and I'm hoping they can pull the clutch shaft for me. I couldn't do it. If they do I'll have time to order the parts to finish the job since working one-handed is more than I'll be able to do. The doctor said four to six weeks for this to heal so by the time I can ride again the season will be over. Too bad. The Chinese scooter is 93 miles short of six thousand on the odometer. I would have passed three 1,000 mile marks this season if I crossed it. I'm getting closer to uncovering the mystery of the 250 Yamaha. It may be an undercharged or defective battery. Yet another job to finish when I have two hands again.