While I was in the process of dismantling the Yamaha for its valve issues my Chinese scooter joined in the fun. Its mildly annoying oil leak turned into a full blown hemorrhage. Where it formerly used an ounce of oil every 35 miles it suddenly began to bleed almost a half quart at the same distance. I have the plastic panels off, the engine exposed and parts on order to repair it. The Yamaha sits forlornly in the garage at the moment with pieces removed waiting for me to finish the scooter. This will be a long summer.
As replacement rides I've taken to using the 50cc mopeds and my wife's Honda Rebel to commute to work. It's quite a difference. The Rebel holds 50 mph easily and cuts time off my commute while sipping fuel. The mopeds are slower, but capable, and only add about five to ten minutes to my scooter commute. The most noticeable thing is that while the mopeds were quite comfortable for five or six mile runs they began to cause aches at seventeen miles. It's still fun to be running along at 45 mph in spots on them while the tiny motor purrs. I see now why the maximum speed redline is set at 50 mph though. They are able to do that on downhills and level ground easily and would probably expire if the limit was exceeded.

The good thing is that I have spares while my main rides are down for the count and checking my score card I see that I've done 29 commutes to work on two wheels which totals 1015 miles. At a savings of $6.00 a trip under the car I've saved about $174 in fuel costs alone. Hopefully the weather will remain agreeable for some time and I'll save even more. Of course the "Enjoyment Factor" goes without saying and taking that into consideration I've gained even more. Using a raging 50cc engine to get to work is just plain fun. Sara even jumped on it to do a grocery run into Town instead of taking the car. She knows a good time when she sees one.