Here in the Frozen North where I live there is usually a period during the winter when riding is not just out of the question, sometimes walking is too. We just had one of those nights most people here dread. With a wind advisory going we had wind chills at twenty below zero. That's cold in anybody's language. It's the time of year when I'm reduced to starting something in the garage and blipping the throttle to get a motorcycle fix of sorts. Also I have to run the big scooter every week to keep it happy, otherwise it becomes nearly impossible to start later.
So for the moment I'm just sitting here counting the days until I can ride again. The highway in front of my house is completely white with powdered road salt waiting to corrode all the vehicles it can get its claws into. I won't take anything two-wheeled out in this mess. Rust protection is not on their resume. Hopefully by next week I'll have a more optimistic message but for now we're sunk in the dark days of winter.