It was with a heavy dose of resignation that I began the process of selling off excess motorcycles in my garage recently. I just had too many bikes on board and not enough reasons or opportunities to ride all of them. I had also pretty much settled on three that I used more than the others so the selection procedure had unconsciously been made. First to go was the Honda Rebel. It was just too compact for me to sit on comfortably and it had design compromises that I just couldn't live with. Just to highlight the reasons for its departure was its final ride. My hip cramped whenever I stopped and I had to stand at each traffic light to stretch it out. It's gone to a new rider who will probably appreciate it and use it more than I was.

Next I put my eleven year old blue scooter on Craigslist and was surprised when the next day a woman raced over here to see it. After a brief test ride she was giddy with satisfaction having not been on a scooter for a while. What happened next was even funnier. She had brought her seventeen year old son along and he spotted my 50cc mini motorcycle crammed in among the herd. I asked if he wanted to try it and after a brief, happy test ride he asked his mother if he could buy it. In the space of twenty minutes I had sold off two of my rides and my garage was looking emptier. Hopefully they will get just as much enjoyment out of them as I did.

My final three rides are the 1991 Honda I put back to health, the 1983 Kawasaki and the 2009 Chinese scooter in black that you see up above. The Kawasaki just sends tingles down my spine every time I open the throttle and the scooter is both fuel efficient and practical. Of all my bikes these were the ones I have used the most and earned the right to be kept around. To put this in perspective though, a year ago I had nine bikes in my possession, now I have three.

I want to wish everyone either a Happy Easter or Passover. Linda and I will be visiting both sides of the family this coming weekend and even as we speak she is slaving over a hot stove concocting tasty dishes to contribute to the forthcoming gatherings. I hope you all have an enjoyable holiday weekend.