It's been too long. I noticed just yesterday that it's been over two months since I was last here. This virus has prevented me from doing anything noteworthy to write about. I wasn't going to say, "Linda and I spent the day watching Coronavirus news, eating and going back to bed." The weather hasn't been conducive to riding, working on the bikes or doing yard work until this past week so now I have something to write about.
This is Linda's Birthday weekend so this morning we went to Burger King and got breakfast at the Drive Through window. We both love their Croissant breakfast sandwiches and the Hash Brown nuggets so it wasn't like we just did it to go cheap. After returning home we proceeded to do yard work trimming down a bush and moving brick borders back to place. The temperature wasn't oppressive and the work was done quickly. The yard is looking much better. And lest you think I'm a cheap cad tomorrow is Linda's birthday and we'll get food from Olive Garden or Applebee's.
In light of the conditions out in the world I haven't done much in the way of two wheel travel. Last week I took the two motorcycles into town to get them inspected, riding for the first time in over a month. Today I pulled the big scooter out of the garage for a short ride. The scooter has a big travel trunk on the back and I stopped at Acme Supermarket to buy roses for Linda for her birthday. I also took advantage of the recent cheap gas prices and filled the scooter with Premium for $2.95.
For dinner we barbecued chicken on our new gas grill and it was delicious. Following that I landed in this chair to update my sadly overdue blog. What I hope from now forward is that the weather will be nicer and future entries will be more plentiful. The good news is that the local Drive In theaters are opening next week so maybe we will have the occasion to catch up on some movie time together. Come back for news and reviews.