The promise of Spring is in the air today. It's forty-five degrees and the sun is actually shining. I sucked up my courage and worked on my garage door installing a new spring. After a couple of hours, many unhappy words and frustration at the system of pulleys and cables it uses I finally triumphed and had it back together. It evens feels easier to lift. Hopefully I did it right and it will continue to operate in a righteous manner.
To work on the garage door I had to put the 50cc bike out on the driveway and you know what that means. Road Trip! We needed something for dinner so that was a fine opportunity to take the bike for a ride. The sun was shining brightly so there wasn't even a hint of chill in the air. As I discovered on the way home I had a light tailwind so the little bike perked along easily. Add March to the months I've taken a ride in this year.
Hopefully this was a taste of things to come. It turned into a happy day after being able to restore the garage door and getting in a short ride. Things are looking up.