I just checked the score sheet that I use to keep track of commuter trips and saw that I had reached ten trips. The ramifications of that, while minor, are sometimes pretty sobering. For one thing ten trips to work means that I saved $60 in gas over using the minivan. It also means that I didn't put 350 miles on the aging vehicle. While that distance doesn't sound like much it's approximately a trip from New York City to Rochester, NY. Since we only recently started having bike riding weather it could eventually add up to a cross-country trip. Being able to shift miles off my 1997 minivan will allow me more years before I have to replace it. Not only that but I do get the enjoyment of riding too.
In other commuting news Sara has been able to ride her Honda to work on two occasions recently. Sadly for her the weather hasn't been so cooperative. In the mornings temperatures have been hovering around thirty-two degrees when she has to leave for work. That would put rolling wind chills in the sub-zero area for her and makes riding both unpleasant and dangerous. Stiff body parts don't react as swiftly as necessary should an emergency arise. I would imagine better days are coming and the Honda's tires will get in a lot of rolling time as Spring proceeds as will mine.