The weather is finally breaking and we're beginning to get warmer temperatures. In honor of the event I rolled the original scooter, the 150cc Bashan, out for the trip to work. As much as I like the 50cc bike it has some troubles climbing two of the hills between here and my job. The 150cc scales the inclines with barely an issue and makes the ride less of a challenge. It also has better weather protection with leg shields in front to direct the wind off my lower body. It does ride a little rougher than the little bike but the horsepower difference is quite compelling.
Rolling along on the way into work I scouted out the condition of the road for leftover road salt and cinders used to combat the ice and snow. Except for the potholes the route was surprisingly clear which calls for a larger two wheeler next commute. Because of the frosty climate we've had until recently there are no signs of Spring to be found. No buds on the trees, no Forsythia in bloom and, if I didn't know it was April, it would be easy to think it was a warm day in February. There have been a few Robins poking about but they aren't in abundance yet.
The scooter was quite pleased with itself and hummed contentedly all the way to work and back to home. I had a restful trip in both directions as it allowed for a chance to gather my thoughts before arriving at each location. Hopefully this is just one great ride that signals many more to come. Hello Summer.