It's not earth shattering and this will be short. My big scooter completed fifty commutes to work yesterday for a stunning 1,750 miles of money saving gas economy. If I haven't bored you with this before I save about $6.00 every day I use the scooter over the minivan. It isn't that much if I use Sara's Scion but money saved is money saved. The commuting number isn't as impressive as last year but winter was much milder and allowed for an earlier start of the riding season. Heck, I even got to ride in February in 2012 but that wasn't possible this year. The other difference between this year and last is the vehicles I used to commute. Last year I used the 150cc Chinese scooter, the 50cc bike, Sara's Rebel, the ill-fated Yamaha and the big scooter. This year I've commuted solely on the big scooter, and a very comfy commuter scooter it is. It's starting to get cooler out already so I don't know if I'll be using it much longer. The scooter will be my main ride until the weather stops me, hopefully sometime in late October. Stay tuned.