For the first time this season the weather cooperated enough that I was able to take the scooter to work every day. My job is pretty much part time at the moment so it was only four days but at thirty-five miles for the round trip it piled 140 miles on the little thing. It's handling the seventeen mile ride each way fairly well and I only have to flag a few cars by as I make the trip. I cruise well below the speed limit and most people drive somewhat above it so I watch my mirrors and flag them by when they get close.
The great thing is that the scooter consumes so little fuel in comparison to the car. I drove all week on a gas container with only three gallons in it that we also used part of to fill a lawn tractor. I estimate that I burned about two gallons as opposed to the seven or more gallons the car would have eaten, which at the present cost of fuel saved me twenty dollars. I've also discovered that the Big Ruckus gets 64 mpg so it too will be saving me large dollars if I can use it to commute to any appointments in Binghamton and the eighty miles there and back.
I'm hoping the scooter keeps up its performance from now until October. At this rate I'll save a lot of wear and tear on the car and many dollars in gas cost.It just passed 4,000 miles and it will be interesting to see how many more thousand mile barriers it crosses as the season progresses.