It got up to 25 degrees at the beginning of the week and I had errands to run in Town. It enabled me to add another 16 miles to the scooter's odometer and get out for a January ride again. I had to renew my drivers license which would be an odd thing to do on a scooter if it didn't also include renewing my "M" (motorcycle license) designation also. I was still a sight stumbling into the DMV with helmet hair, paying the renewal fee and having my picture taken. The eye test was fun too as my eyes start to betray my age. The lady at the office said, "read line nine" and the number nine was smaller than the letters and I couldn't see it at first. I could see where two digits started on the chart so I just read the line above it. The chart was fairly easy, with a little squinting, and I passed. I'm thinking I'll have glasses by the next renewal.
It was unusual to get a chance to ride three days in a row in January. Hopefully I'll get a few more. I'll let you know.