As most of you are aware Christmas is just around the corner. Linda is a true fan of the day and has begun to pull out decorations to spruce the place up for the Holidays. Down in the basement are several tubs of wreaths, bows, lights and ornaments. I went out last week to a local Nursery to purchase twenty-five yards of pine roping that is now wrapped around the railing on our front porch. Lights, a wreath and bows will follow.
Ironically, we went to KMart last night to purchase a new, pre-lit artificial tree. Ironic in that after six years of Christmas in a KMart warehouse I never thought I would have to look at another "Trim-a-Home" Christmas tree again. I can't begin to calculate how many of those boxes I stacked on pallets to be moved to the Christmas Shop over the years.
It will be one of my better Christmas seasons in many years with Linda. We did the math a few days ago. She and I last had a Christmas together in 1970, a mere forty-six years ago. We laugh every time we think about the time. In some ways it makes us feel young again, in others it causes our bones to creak.
On a minor note we took a trip to the Deposit house this past weekend to move more items from there to here. In addition to another tool rollaway we loaded the "first bought" scooter in my collection in the minivan. I now have six bikes in my side of the garage. It's getting crowded down there.